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Samawal Foundations is an advisory firm built on the guiding value of Samawal’s faithfulness.


Samaw'al ibn 'Adiya was a Jewish poet and warrior who lived in Arabia in the 6th century.


Samawal became famous for his connection with the warrior-poet and prince Imru' al-Qais, which won for him the epithet "faithful," and gave rise to the Arabic saying "more faithful than al-Samaw'al." 


Samawal Foundations brings to its clients extensive expertise in economics, finance, geopolitics and government relations to help them uncover, plan, and execute on the opportunities born out of the Abraham Accords.

Carlos Abadi
Founder and Principal
Avi Kaner
Founder and Principal

Carlos is a 30-year veteran international investment banker who manages DecisionBoundaries, an international boutique financial advisory firm focused on financial restructuring, litigation support, and financial engineering. Carlos’ clients include sovereign governments, investment funds, creditors’ committees, and banks.


Carlos is an engineer by training and has an MBA with a specialization in finance. He has lectured at universities including Harvard, NYU, Columbia, INSEAD, and SciencesPo and is often quoted on the financial press, including the New York Times, Reuters, and Bloomberg.


Carlos serves as an independent director on corporate boards and served eight years on the Board of Governors of Hillel International.

Avi has extensive experience in business, finance, government and consulting spanning three decades. Areas of expertise include banking, labor negotiations, real estate, social media and strategic planning.

Avi is co-owner of the Morton Williams Supermarket chain with volunteer leadership roles in local and international organizations. He has chaired multiple finance and pension boards and Second Selectman in Connecticut. He co-led financial component of President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection. As Principal at Booz Allen & Hamilton, Avi helped multinational companies address their strategic, cost and revenue challenges.

Avi holds a BS in bioengineering and an MBA in Finance from Columbia University.

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